We Help Housekeeping Job Application

To apply for any of these housekeeping job postings, please fill out our online assessment form below or contact us at 604-367-8585 in order to join our team.


Housekeeping Job Application Requirements:

  1. A copy of applicants resume
  2. We Help Online Assessment (fill out form below)
  3. A copy of current cleared criminal record check (can be obtained after interview)
  4. A copy of your driving record check (if you drive)
  5. A copy of your passport and open work permit (for temporary work permit holders)
  6. 2 pieces of ID (one must be photo ID)
  7. Applicant must be 19 years or older to apply
  8. References


Housekeeping Job Application Process

  1. Complete the Online Assessment Form
  2. Prepare all your required documents (see requirements)
  3. Let “We Help” know you (email your resume to info@wehelpservices.ca)
  4. We Help Interview


We Help Housekeeping Job Application – Online Assessment

All questions with * are required. Please fill out our online assessment below: