Looking for Short Term Nanny Service

Short Term Nanny Services are nannies hired for 2 weeks or more commitment, summer nannies, traveling nannies or whatever your needs may be for care with a short term commitment. Let We Help help you find the perfect Nanny for your family!


Short Term We Help Nanny’s Salary:

Short Term Nanny Salary (2+ weeks or more)

  • Short-term Nanny Salaries are approximately $15 – $25 (gross) per hour
  • One-time Agency Fee for your placement which is 8% of your nanny’s gross salary.
    (We Help has minimum $800 Agency Fee for short term nannies)

We Help Nanny & Cleaning Services Interview Arrangement Fee *

  • $100.00 due upon application until you find the perfect match but this fee is subtracted from the placement fee if you choose one of our candidates.

*Full Agency Fees will become payable when a Candidate introduced by We Help™ is offered and accepts the job.


Let We Help help you find the perfect Nanny for your family

To get started, apply for Nanny Services here, please fill out this online application or contact us by phone 604-367-8585 / 604-358-1903. Families will be contacted by phone once their application has been received.