On-Call Senior Care Services

We Help On-Call Senior Care Service is great for families who want little commitment and flexibility. Hire a caregiver on an as needed basis for your family. Senior Caregivers are available days or evenings, any day of the week.

If you have already senior care giver and need a cover, we can fill in the position.

To apply for our senior care jobs, please fill out our online Senior Care Job Application form below page or contact us at 604-367-8585 in order to join our team.


On-Call Senior Care Services are subject to the following fees

  • An Hourly Rate
  • A Daily Referral Fee
  • and an Annual Agency Plan*
A Daily Referral Fee
Senior Care Givers are available on an on-call basis at a daily referral fee of $25.00
On-Call Services Are Subject to a 4 Hour Minimum Policy
Hourly Rates: $16.00 per hour
On-Call Annual Agency Plan
Plan A: $125.00 for 6 bookings per year
Plan B: $175.00 for 10 bookings per year
Plan C: $725.00 per year for up to 5 bookings per month

IMPORTANT NOTE: Client must provide at least 24 hours cancellation notice or daily referral fee of $25.00 and a 4 hour cancellation fee will automatically be charged to client and client will receive a credit towards their next booking.

* Agency fees are in addition to the on-call hourly rate.


Let We Help help you find the perfect Senior Care Giver

To get started, apply for Senior Care Services here, please fill out this online application or contact us by phone 604-367-8585 / 604-358-1903. Families will be contacted by phone once their application has been received.